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Circus Tree: Six individual sycamore trees were shaped, bent, and braided to form this.

how the hell do you bend and braid a tree

Actually pretty easy. Trees don’t reject tissue from other trees in the same family. You bend the tree to another tree when it is a sapling, scrape off the bark on both trees where they touch, add some damp sphagnum moss around them to keep everything slightly moist and bind them together. 
Then wait a few years- The trees will have grown together. 

You can use a similar technique to graft a lemon branch or a lime branch or even both- onto an orange tree and have one tree that has all three fruits.


As a biologist I can clearly state that plants are fucking weird and you should probably be slightly afraid of them.

On that note! At the university (UBC) located in town, the Agriculture students were told by their teacher that a tree flipped upside down would die. So they took an excavator and flipped the tree upside down. And it’s still growing. But the branches are now the roots, and the roots are now these super gnarly looking branches. Be afraid.

But Vi, how can you mention that and NOT post a picture? D:



I am both amazed and horrified of nature as we all should be

Plants…they will overtake us all one day

getting personal (stole this from dara muahahahaha)

1. Name: demi levin (or demetrias i dont care at this point)

2. Age: 21

3. 3 Fears: big spiders, never finding love, axe murderers 

4. 3 things I love: art, music, nighttime

5. 4 turn ons: eyes, taste in music, smile, adorable factor 

6. 4 turn offs: being a wanker, B.O, being too “northshore”, no sense or humor

7. My best friend: erm i don’t have a lot of friends so. my-brain-with-a-side-of-nonsense littlemsmusicaddict bardock366 Steve, emma, kenneth

8. Sexual Orientation: lesbian ftw

9. My best first date: best first date? that was prolly when i went to the movies with my first girlfriend jamie

10. How tall am I: 5’5.5”

11. What do I miss: i actually kinda miss highschool

12. What time was I born: sometime around 4 am i think

13. Favorite color: black sometimes i like green 

14. Do I have a crush: yessss. i have a few but biggest is gwenn loved her since day i saw her last semester in mythology :p

15. Favorite quote: guess they dont have clocks in the crack house -professor meyorhoff(human development profess)

16. Favorite place: gazebbo or kush

17. Favorite food: peanut butter sandwhiches

18. Do I use sarcasm: psh nooo what kinda moron uses sarcasm? 

19. What I am listening to right now: my tv?

20. First thing I notice about meeting a new person: how much older they look then me? no im kidding totally their eyes, then if their female either titts or ass

21. Shoe size: 10-10.5

22. Eye color: icey grey

23. Hair color: i dunno blondeish, really light brown, with hints of red?

24. Favorite style of clothing: black skinny jeans, black tank, either hoodie or leather jacket, with combats and studded everythings (so gothic/emo/vampiric whatever the fuck you wanna call it?)

25. Ever done a prank call: yess for fake chinese restuarant


27. Meaning behind my URL: its my brain picked apart i guess? 

28. Favorite movie: i love anything horror

29: Favorite song: either crooked young (bmth) or freakshow (avatar)

30. Favorite band: bring me the horizon or avatar

31. How I feel right now: pissed off at people

32. Someone I love: mah frands? and gwenn

33. My relationship status: singleee as fuckkkkkk

34. My relationship with my parents: with my dad? good. with mom? not great

35. Favorite holiday: HALLOWEEN

36: Tattoos and piercings I have: I have 14 tattoo and my ears gauged (waiting for m new gauges to arrive that i ordered for my birthday)

37: Tattoos and piercings I want: when i move out ima get my left sleeve done. tongue pierced.

38. The reason I joined Tumblr: friend in photo senior year convinced me to get one

39. Do I and my last ex hate each other: yes

40. Do i get “good morning” or “good night” texts: from some people

41. Have I kissed the last person I texted: when i really fucking drunk once

42. When did I last hold hands: i dunno i think all the foam from my 3d art class got to my brain lol

43. How long does it take to get ready in the morning: 10 minutes

44. Have I shaved my legs in the past three days: yesterday

45. Where am I right now: laying in bed doing this and watching tv

46. If i were drunk and can’t stand who’d take care of me: my-brain-with-a-side-of-nonsense and a hospital cuz epilepsy

47. Loud music or reasonable level: WHAT I CANT HEAR YOU OVER MY IPOD?!???

48. Do I live with my parents: yers

49. Am I excited for anything: kush? (its a hookah lounge)

50. Anyone in the opposite sex I tell everything to: steve im his gay bffl

51. How often do I wear a fake smile: a lot cept when im round gwenn

52. when was the last time i hugged someone: today 

53. what if the last person i kissed was kissing someone else in front of me: thats already happened

54. is there anyone I trust even though I shouldn’t: yerp

55. What is something I disliked about today: i got called a faggot

56. If i could meet anyone on earth, who would it be: ellen page or kristen stewart i think we’d be really good friends

57. what do i think about the most: love, death, and food/calories

58. Strangest talent: i have surprisingly good aim with guns and archery

59. Strange phobias: not really

60. behind or in front of the camera: both

61. last lie i told: told my mom my science test was easy

62. talking on the phone or vid chatting: neither

63. Do i believe in ghosts? how about aliens: ghosts yes, aliens naw

64. do i believe in magic: i have 3 spellbooks

65. do I believe in luck: yeah

66. whats the weather like right now: cold 

67. last book i read: books?

68. Do i like the smell of gasoline: yeah

69. any nicknames: dems, demimonster, snowflake

70. worst injury i’ve ever had: broke entire right side of my ribcage

71. spend money or save it: spend 

72. can i touch my tongue to my nose: nope

73. is there anything pink 10 feet in front of me: unfortunitly

74: Favorite animal: i like lizards

75. What was i doing last night at 12 am: tv-ing

76. what do i think Satan’s last name is: lee

77. what’s a good song that makes me happy when i hear it: i surprisingly like chandelier by sia

78. How can you win my heart: cuddles, watch tv with me, and hookah

79. what would I want written on my tombstone: something really corny i said

80. favorite word: fabulicous

81: top 5 blogs: my-brain-with-a-side-of-nonsense littlemsmusicaddict bardock366 3612perfection gaysbians

82: if the whole world were listening to me what would i say: allo there mates

83. any relatives in jail: my cousin is in max security prision 

84. super power of my choice: quicksilver from X-men

85. one question id be afraid to tell the truth on: 2 answers. 1: are you really okay. 2: telling gwenn how i really feel

86. current desktop picture: trippy ass skull

87: had sex:  yeahh 

88. bought condoms: nope

89. gotten pregnant: refer to sexual orientation 

90. failed a class: nope

91. kissed a boy: yes

92. kissed a girl: yes :P

93. kissed anyone in the rain: yes

94. had a job: yes’m

95. left my house without my wallet: yes

96. bullied someone in public: no only bad people do that

97: had sex in public: not going atw but got to 3rd in public

98. played on a sports team: yers

99. smoked weed: duh

100. did drugs: yers

101; smoked cigarettes: yerss

102. drank alcohol: lolol yers my-brain-with-a-side-of-nonsense you remember last december. I learned the hard way im not apposed to drink

103. am i a vegetarian or vegan: not anymore

104. been overweight: not anymore

105. been underweight: according to my dad i am.

106. been to a wedding: yess

107. Been on the computer for 5 hours straight: played minecraft for 13 hours straight once

108. watched tv for 5 hours straight: yess

109. been outside my home country: been to australia

110. Gotten my heart broken: yess :’(

111. been to a pro sports game: yep their boring

112. broken a bone: so many

113. cut myself: yeah….

114. been to prom: never went..

115. been in an airplane: yep

116. fly in a helicopter: no 

117. concerts ive gone to: backstreet boys, jonas brothers, demi lovato, mayhem, avatar, lamb of god, adam lambert, avril lavigne 

118. had a crush on someone of the same sex: considering im lesbian, yes.

119. learned another language: i know. greek, english, some yiddish, and some spanish

120. wore make up: almost never

121. lost my virginity before 18: when i was 15

122. had oral sex: yes

123. dyed my hair: yes

124. voted in a presidential election: nope

125. rode in an ambulance: many times

126. had surgery: i had my ribs put back if that counts, and stitches a couples times

127. met someone famous: i think i met some of the chicago bulls when i was little like when i was 5

128. stalked someone on a social network: noo….yesssss

129: peed outside: maybeeeeee

130. been fishing: when i went to banner we fished in their nasty lake/pond

131. helped with charity: nope lol

132. been rejected by a crush: yesss

133. broken a mirror: i dont think soo

134. what do i want for my birthday: tattoo money, drugs, paypal money









A tip from your favorite nurse

(that’d be me)

Always have eggs in your fridge

You just never know when someone will split their head open

Or cut their finger while cooking

And so on

See that membrane there?

While the blood is gushing - hold pressure and crack open an egg

Peel that there membrane off and put it on the wound (continue holding pressure)

The membrane will harden and keep the wound closed until you can get to the ER for stitches

If you even need them that is

Nature: 1, Band aids: 0

You’re welcome.

I did some research on this (because I do that now, fucking science get out) and it seems that this was done in the early 1900s somewhat frequently. It was used as a way to treat just about any kind of skin wound, from burn to cut to in at least one case an ulcer. It actually helps the wound heal not by preventing blood loss but by replacing part of the skin tissue and helping it grow.

It also helps in healing scars and reducing their visibility.

Whoah science.




Also, if you have a splinter, smack one of these things on there and it will draw it out of your skin. No more shitting around with pliers.

it will also suck the poison stuff out of mosquito bites and stop them from being itchy

woaaah i didnt know!! awesome stuff :D

Did not know the mosquito bite or splinter thing!  EGGS—IS THERE ANYTHING THEY CAN’T DO?

They cant fix the economy

Where the fuck was this post when i sliced my finger with my jab saw in 3d last week? Too little too late

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